Moses EP is coming soon


From suicidal to fulfilled

I was born in Austin Texas, and consider myself Tex-Mex. My Latino upbringing gave me a strong connection to family and Mexican culture. I had a whole lot of both, but what I couldn’t figure out was my peers. I was a painfully shy young man and was an easy target for incessant bullying. So much so that I understand deeply the desire to end your own life.

But music found me.

I truly feel music is a gift from God to help us weary souls find a connection to eternity. Music gave me a voice and helped me find my place in this vast universe. I was diagnosed with ASD Level 1 in 2022 and so many of my struggles made sense. My delayed speech, intense sensory issues, missed social queues, and hyper-fixation of music. I learned to hide my issues to appear more acceptable to humans but I have found a deep sense of peace by embracing my weakness.

My connection to God has helped me find my way. Now I live my life to bring honesty and hope to those who have suffered under the pain of a society that told them they aren’t good enough. We’re all different, and that’s a great thing.

Keep your head up.


I’ll keep you updated on what I’m up to.